Friday, March 21, 2014



A light breeze rustled the small leaves covering the ground and whisked a fresh smell through my body as I glanced this way and that. I smiled and wandered on, in awe of the scene before me. My first day in the famed forest reassured me that I was at the beginning of a VERY exciting trip...

Le Coeur

Laura cruising Beetlejuice
REALLY nice line called Irreversible
Classic tortoise shell top out
Beautiful boulder filled with perfect edges 

La Baleine...perfect problem in every way
Anyone who enjoys bouldering has at least heard rumors and reports about climbing in Fontainebleau. For the past 11 years I had been dreaming of an opportunity to visit the endless stacks of beautiful sandstones. As I scampered up the first problems of my trip, I could barely believe it was actually happening. I was expecting Font to offer some of 'the best' bouldering I'd ever seen...and every day, it always did!

Tigre et Dragon, one of my favorite problems from the trip

Formis Rouge, one of the famed 'Big 5'

I climbed as much as my body and the weather allowed during my 20 day stay. Rainy days would force rest days, but they were almost always welcomed and needed. It ended up being a nice touch having the weather tell us whether or not we were climbing each day. By the end of my trip, I was able to climb 12 different days, visit a good hand full of the countless areas, experienced some fine 'French culture', and topped out 88 boulder problems that were new to me...all of which were enjoyable!

Squeezing up perfect fat guy grips on Controle Technique

2nd Generation dynoing on Rainbow Rocket

I was a slave to the olives in France...


Petit Bois

I can't wait to return...I'm already longing for the energy I found in those forests, for the way that rock feels under my fingers, for the inspiration drawn from just a glance at the beautifully sculpted holds, for the olives, baguettes and French wine...for more of the Fontainebleau experience.  

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